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We will delete this so called news section any time soon. This is because we use Facebook since quite a while to post new messages of any importance and no importance. Since it is silly to post these kind of things more than once, we would like to offer you a link to our public Facebook profile so you can still check out all updates. Sorry if that bums you out.


The Machine on FB

~Aug 27 2013~
We recently re-opened our webshop! Just click on SHOP in the menu on the right to go there. Have fun shopping!

Check our shows section for the remaining live stuff of 2013. We decided to stick to these gigs only, that way we will still have time to work on our new album.

Ok Machine out.

~Jul 23 2013~
Hello hello,

The show last Saturday was cool. Well actually it was hot like hell. So.

As a true hipster band, we now have a fancy pancy Instagram account. We might upload a fancy pancy picture once in a while. Maybe. Find it here: Instagram

Regarding our webshop or actually the lack of:
After the nice little party a.k.a. Yellowstock Concerts, we will open the shop again. Sorry for all issues with that since our Euro tour. We made a completely new page which should make it a lot easier for us to handle all orders. We're expecting new stock to come in between now and Yellowstock, so we'll be fully equipped by then.


~May 02 2013~
Well, you had to wait a while but here's an update.

The Euro tour has been great, the split is cool and so are the guys of Sungrazer. You can order your copy by sending an e-mail to themachineandsungrazersplit (at) gmail.com. Or stream and/or buy your digital copy here http://themachineandsungrazersplit.bandcamp.com.

We've got some new shows coming up and we're jamming new stuff.

Our webshop is sort of closed because we are looking for an alternative way to send out and handle the merch orders we receive. An easier way so to speak. Sorry for any inconvenience, expect it to be open again real soon.

First live thingy: Muziekboulevard Oss @ Lollipop, May 9.

~Jan 21 2013~
Well here it is... the trailer of the upcoming split album of The Machine & Sungrazer.

We will release the album on Feb 14 during the first show of our European Tour : Strikes & Gutters. Please check the shows section for the details.

We had the artwork done by Maarten Donders who did a wonderful job!



Okido keep calm and Slayer on!

The first recording session for the split went very well, David will be in the studio with Sungrazer during the upcoming weekend.

We had a really good time at Herzberg Unterm Dach last Saturday; one of the three new songs had its live debut in Hamburg. You can expect to hear it during the other upcoming shows as well.

Meet the family:

Satement taken from our facebook:


During the next two months, both The Machine & Sungrazer will be spending some time in the studio. The recordings will start this Friday and take place in the private studio of The Machine, Studio De Zolder. Since both bands share the same record label, it’s probably not quite the surprise that Elektrohasch Records will be releasing the split album. You can expect an early 2013 release.

This project is the result of a mutual friendship that, like the idea for a split album, already started years ago. Since our latest releases, Calmer Than You Are (2012) and Mirador (2011), new songs and jams already developed themselves. Each band will use (a couple of) these tunes for their part of the split. As with The Machine’s previous four albums, David Eering will be producing both Sungrazer and his own band.

Stay tuned on both bands’ Facebook pages and websites for more updates! If we don’t forget, we might post some video footage and/or pictures from the recording process. The entire process will be documented.


DunaJam was the best. Really. Such an amazing experience we had. A big thanks to everybody that enjoyed both our shows and to Oli, Stefan and the rest of the organisation. Hope to see you another time soon. Let´s not forget the clubshow in Cagliari at Interno24!!

We have shows coming up after the summer, check our shows page for details.


Not a lot of stuff to tell, besides that:
- R.I.P. Adam Yauch aka MCA of Beastie Boys fame
- the CTYA lp's were sold out immediately after the release, we're expecting the second pressing any day now
- new shows are being confirmed, the first one will be on June 1 w/ Jex Thoth at Baroeg (Rotterdam, NL)
- two days after this show we will leave for some secret island for some secret shows with secret dunes and stuff but SSST! no one is supposed to know
- cool vid of Moonward (live @ Astra/Berlin):

We had a blast at the releaseparty of Calmer Than You Are. A big thank you goes out to everybody that came out to dance with us as well as to to Walter Hoeijmakers & 013.
Oh and Monomyth rocked pretty hard. Actually, spacey might be a better choice of words.

Of course, you can now order the new record from our, let's call it, shop. It's available on both CD and LP. The limited edition (clear vinyl) sold out immediately so unfortunately we can't help you with those. There are 300 lucky people that got their hands on a copy.

The new t-shirts we told you about are also available, check them out, they're awesome.

Anyway, take care, see you soon. We have nice other things coming up, one of them has to do with an island. Which is pretty awesome for our Hans because he's a pirate. Pirates dig islands. Islands dig pirates. Let's call it a perfect combination.


Check out this funky trailer! Special thanks to Andrea Lara of Eraser Videos for making a cool clip of our poor videos!


The Machine abides.

On March 24, we will officially release our new and fourth album Calmer Than You Are. Special guests this night are our friends of Monomyth, the new band of (a.o.) Sander Evers of (a.o.) 35007 fame, especially their Phase V is one my personal space/prog/whatever stoner highlights. Make sure to be there when these guys warm up the Green Room, 'cause you're in for a real instrumental treat.


We will release the album together with Elektrohasch Records again, on both CD and vinyl. It will be a single LP this time! NO WAY! Yeah it's true. Again, of course, there will be limited editions. This time the color will be... uh... no color at all.

New t-shirts will be coming in too and will be available as per the release of CTYA. The amazing artwork will be a creation of the Croatian artist Dalibor Barić. Our buddy Niko Potočnjak (of Seven That Spells fame, all underground rockers need your support to support our need) acted as art director.

After the release party in 013 we'll do two gigs with White Hills. More interesting stuff is coming up... And who knows, maybe we'll even update this site more often then we did. But again, it might be an empty promise once more.

Oh yes and of course we're already jamming new, new songs. But it will probably take a while before those get out of the rehearsal room.

Take care!


Happy new year!

2012 is going to bring good things. Our new album is scheduled for March and some interesting gigs are coming up, stay tuned for that.

Burg Herzberg was fantastic! A big thanks to the amazing crowd.

(not a lot to see but half a song to listen to is more than nothing)

We don't have any shows scheduled until the upcoming tour, in order to concentrate ourselves on the new material and record it sometime, probably next month at De Zolder. This is a new song, already played live a couple of times, called Sphere (... or Kneiter).

That's all folks!

The Machine abides.

Like always, it's better to just start when you have a lot to say!

We'll be part of a very cool tour, together with our buddies of Samsara Blues Experiment and My Sleeping Karma, we'll tour Germany and some other countries during upcoming Fall.

up in smoke

Please check shows for further details!

And, also very important, we were asked to play Burg Herzberg Festival, July 17 this summer.
We're looking forward to this hippie-congregation-deluxe!

A custom made signature pedal thingy was made for David! Made by Black Effect Pedals, this is a really cool overdrive/fuzz effect (for the gearheads out there), called Lava Machine (Machine you say?! Well that's a strange coincidence...). During the next couple of weeks, it will be dressed with its own customized artwork, because it's still naked. After this, you should be able to order your own Lava Machine at the site of Black Effect Pedals. Without clothes, it looks like this:

Furthermore, we'd like to say that we're quite busy completing all material for a new album. We're almost there, so hopefully soon after our summerbreak (we'll get back to our weekly routine by the end of August ), we can start recording the new stuff. It's going to be awesome! Who knows what you will think of it... less jams, more doom, less minutes, more heaviness, less guitar solos, more melodies, less The, more Machine. We already played two new tunes at some of our last shows, but you can probably expect some more of the new material at the upcoming tour this fall.

There will be an interview with David in the June edition of Dutch guitarplayers magazine Gitarist, check it whenever you're interested.

Oh yes and we deleted the majority of the content at our MySpace page.

And remember. The Machine abides.

First of all: ROADBURN WAS A BLAST. We had a really good time. Besides playing our own show, it was great watching the other bands, meeting friends and just be a part of the best festival ever. Again. Thank you Walter, Jurgen and everyone that was present!

You can find some vids of the show at Youtube, check all kinds of stuff for all the bands at the 3voor12 Roadburn site here, read an interview with David here (in Dutch...).


That said, we did a last-minute show yesterday, on a very small stage, outside, no PA (except for vocals) and a handful of people watching it: back to basics! It was cool though. Here is a video of it (recorded during Pyro):

It was the premiere of Davy's new old drumkit (it's a mighty 70's pearl Pearl. YES, a pearl Pearl). Unfortunately faith also decided it was time for David's new old Ampeg amp to die. Hopefully it can be brought back to live soon... Like the late great Isaac Hayes (a.k.a. Chef) already stated: wait a minute, what's that smell. It smells like something's burning!

We'll leave for Germany again this Friday!
Fri: Our own psychedelic rock stoner heavy kraut blues jazz hiphop trance acid night
Sat: Dusty Brain Festival (cool!)

Cheers and see you there! Or not of course, but hopefully we will, or not of course, but that's up to you. We'll have our eyes opens so we can see you, in case you show up. Or not of course. The Machine abides.

After some phonecalls and e-mails with Walter Hoeijmakers, we're very proud to officially announce today that we will be playing at Roadburn again! We'll play at the Afterburner (Sunday April 17 2011). This is the official statement from Roadburn:

"Due to some changes in the production schedule for this years Afterburner, we had the opportunity to add one more band to the line-up. The Machine is a perfect fit, as the overall vibe of Afterburner leans towards classic psychedelic rock and stonerrock, just like the old school Roadburn Festivals! The Machine, hailing from Rotterdam, Holland, pair molten stoner rock riffs with a fair dose of retro psych for good measure. The band also excels at incorporating acid-blues jamming that lifts their whole performance into outer space. The band�s latest album, Drie (out on Elektrohasch) captures the band in great form, and together with Sungrazer, they are two of the most promising bands to emerge from the Dutch stonerrock scene in a while. With the addition of The Machine, the line-up for this years Afterburner event is complete. The line-up is as follows: Black Mountain, Dead Meadow, Coffins, Blood Farmers, Sourvein, Spindrift, Samsara Blues Experiment, Black Pyramid, Dragontears, Sungrazer and The Machine."

Please check this link for the Roadburn statement: CLICKERDECLICK!

Thanks to Maarten Donders for this very cool poster!


So this one time, a band drove to Germany and the drummer got sick.... W�rzburg and Dresden, we're really sorry and we'll make sure our drummer will get what he deserves for his coughing and puking all over the place. Seriously, it was a bummer for us all and we hope the Jam sessions we did with Hans (Sungrazer) and other guests (Stefan, Tim etc), made up for it a little.

Okay, so you all know our new album "Drie" is out and what is bugging us (a little) is that some of those (awesome!) webblogs use the wrong front cover. This is due to misprinted promo cd's which were sent before we found out what went wrong. So to avoid confusion,

If you own one of these blogs please be so kind to replace the front cover on your website/blog with this one. This is also a link to the correct picture. If you do so we'll be very thankfull since David put a lot of work in it and he (and I) will think you are now EVEN MORE AWESOME!

Also all the red vinyl is sold out already, there won't be any new ones since a limited version is well... a limited version.

On that bombshell is time to say goodnight!

A bit late, but both the CD's and 2LP's are available!! Please check our shop-section for more details.


We'll leave Friday morning for Würzburg to do some two-days-booty-shaking with our friends of Colour Haze, Rotor and Sungrazer. Also check our shows-section for updates, I added a couple of shows.


Howdy! A small update: we will have the replacing covers available early January, so we will 'officially' release DRIE by then. This means you can pre-order your copy as per now! Just get to our shop section and send us an e-mail. The 2LP's should also be available early January by the way, so we planned a party to congregate and celebrate the release of our new album.

We invited our friends, labelmates, fellowdudes and boozieboys from SUNGRAZER for this special night. Which means that this evening simply cannot fail to be fantastic and stuff like that. In short: it would be nice if you all showed up and have a party with us and just chill out.

Oh and ofcourse we wish you a very very happy Christmas!


Delay! And I'm not talking about my new Boss RE-20 Space Echo here! Unfortunately, there was a printing error with the booklet of our CD's and the inside page was printed as the albumcover. A couple of hundred copies were already sent out by Elektrohasch for promotion, so there will be some people who´ll have a 'rare edition'... It will be fixed within two weeks, when it's taken care of you can start placing your orders with us or Elektrohasch Records. The 2LP's should be ready before Christmas, further details will follow. It looks really awesome by the way, so it´s worth the wait!

Second, we sealed a collaboration with the management- and bookingagency Sound of Liberation after a phonecall earlier this week. The first shows will be in February, where we will be special guests at the Up In Smoke Tour. Lots of other nice things are to be expected, so stay tuned!

Furthermore, we've got new t-shirts available! Pictures will follow ASAP, so you can judge them and decide if you want to wear one with pride.

And, always remember, The Dude Abides!!

Oh there are some nice vids on YouTube from our recent shows in Germany:

People interested in the Golden Oldies contest recorded in the last video can contact me.


We had some delay, but last week the masterdiscs went to the pressing companies... for both CD's and 2LP! We're very proud to announce, that in just a matter of weeks we will be releasing our upcoming album "Drie" at ELEKTROHASCH RECORDS! Yes, the label that provides all musiclovers worldwide with their top notch releases. Keep checking our site(s) for any updates! We also added some showdates, both in The Netherlands and Germany. There's a lot of the good stuff on its way, so stay tuned...

And... you might have noticed that we updated the layout of our website. It's now in the style of the "Drie" artwork and is more pleasuring to the eyes (at least we hope so). Once again, it's our intention to keep feeding you a newsupdate once in a while. You want more?! Ok; we've got some new gear/toys, new ideas for a new, new album besides "Drie", a Facebook account (!?!), new t-shirts are to be expected soon (yes, AND unworn AND a new design, which is rather new right?)! Oh yeah and I deleted all the pre 2010 news, please don't be sad.


It took some time, but our albums "Shadow of the Machine" and "Solar Corona" are back in stock. If you would like to order something, check out the shop section. Our upcoming release 'drie' is being pressed as we speak, so it will be released soon. Stay updated by this website or mypsace for further announcements also regarding a releaseparty. That would be all thanks for your time!

Hans, on behalf of The Machine

So here are some updates. First of all, one of the two shows we did on roadburn is now online for streaming. You can check it out here. Other shows from roadburn can be found here. We would like to thank Walter again for making this possible and giving us a chance to play at this amazing festival. Next week we will support Stonerlegends Yawning Man in my homecity which is Delft. Check the gig-section for more info. Check this page for more info about this lovely city. I also had some questions about our debut album "Shadow of the Machine", they will be back in stock soon so keep checking the site or our myspace. Take care!

Hans, on behalf of The Machine

Hey guys. We have a new stock of black Solar Corona Vinyl, so we're selling them again at Roadburn or by mailorder. (email is in the shop). For those fortunate Roadburn visitors, we wish you a pleasant stay and we will see you at the afterburner.

We would like to state that we have quit producing the music that we made these years. From now on, we will be focusing our time only on honky tonk music. Thank you.

Hello there! Finally an update to this website! But hey, who checks bandwebsites nowadays? Anyway we had a busy period, December was all about recording the new album. David is still mixing/mastering which means that at the moment he has absolutely no life at all. When will it be released? I have absolutely no idea, but probably somewhere in April. We will keep you informed as always. In the meantime you can still order previously released albums, just click on the shop button on the left. By the way, I(Hans) have taken over merchandise from David to release some pressure from him. This transition was a little vague so if you have mailed us but did not get a reply, please send an email again to me. Any other news? Yes! We are honored to play at the Roadburn festival afterburner in Tilburg on the 18th of April and on the Stoned From The Underground festival in Germany. Check out the gig section for more info. This is updated as well. Okay, so long! And thanks for all the fish.