THE MACHINE is a rock band from the Rotterdam area (NL). Through the years the band has been crafting its own (loud) brand of both hard-hitting tracks and instrumental takeoffs. Rooted in heavy rock, THE MACHINE refuses to be pigeonholed and prefers a modern experimental approach to the well known concepts of yesteryear.

Formed in 2007, THE MACHINE released several albums, toured Europe a couple of times and played at some superb locations. They’re currently signed to Elektrohasch Records (GER).

“The Machine pair molten stoner rock riffs with a fair dose of retro psych for good measure. The band also excels at incorporating acid-blues jamming that lifts their performance into outer space.” Roadburn Festival


2007 - Shadow Of The Machine (CDR/independant release)
2009 - Solar Corona (CD+2LP/Nasoni Records)
2010 - Drie (CD+2LP/Elektrohasch Records)
2012 - Calmer Than You Are (CD+LP/Elektrohasch Records)
2013 - The Machine & Sungrazer SPLIT (CD+LP/Elektrohasch Records)
2015 - Offblast! (CD+LP/Elektrohasch Records)


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